So Many Thank Yous

There are seriously no words to express how thankful Stefan and I are to have all of you in our lives. You’ve shown how much we mean to you, and how important Analiese is every moment since we announced her genetic condition. And some of you have gone above and beyond by sending flowers, gift cards and care packages. Every delivery leaves us more and more speechless.

Today, however, we are absolutely floored by the lengths some wonderful ladies have gone to to ensure Analiese’s mark on the world. Not only did they have an adorable glass engraved at Disney World with her name, they went through the International Star Registry and had a star renamed after her. I didn’t realize that you could actually do that, and now there is a star that will forever be named Analiese.





Thank you everyone so so much for making sure that Analiese is never forgotten. Your love and outpouring of support is something Stefan and I will never be able to thank you for, or repay.


One thought on “So Many Thank Yous

  1. Well great minds think alike, lol. I gave someone a star as a wedding present once and was just thinking it would be cool too for you guys. So once again I will say I love you. I think you have such great friends because you are truly a great friend yourself!


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