Final Countdown to Analiese

So many of you guys have expressed love and concern for me and Stefan during this horrible time in our lives, and we thank you so much for keeping us in your thoughts. I decided to write this blog post so that everyone has the same information about Analiese’s upcoming birth.

I’m 37 weeks pregnant now. Stefan and I have had long talks and debates with each other, and my various doctors, and have decided to schedule an induction for Analiese. I’ll be admitted into the hospital at 12:15 AM on Thursday, February 11th. This was not an easy decision, or one that we made lightly, but we do feel that it is in the best interest of Analiese and ourselves. We do not know how long we will have with Analiese, if we get any time at all, so PLEASE allow us this time with her without interruption. We will inform everyone about her birth and passing when we are ready.

I’m scheduled to deliver at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD. If you want or need any other information please message me and ask before Thursday. Stefan and my mom will both be preoccupied alongside me, so they will more than likely not be answering their phones.

I feel like a time bomb is ticking, counting down to the worst day of my entire life. I’m surviving, but that is really all I can stretch for right now: survival.

maternity 1

This is a sneak peek of the maternity photos we took on January 31st. I was 36 weeks. We’re doing our best to enjoy our last days with Analiese.


4 thoughts on “Final Countdown to Analiese

  1. I wish I had the right words to say to offer you some comfort, but please know there are so many people praying for you and your husband. I pray that the love of God enfolds you during this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Much love.


  2. I love you all so much !!! I am thinking and praying for each of you !!! Lean on each other and Jesus …… Love and hugs from cousin Traci !!!


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