Some Thanksgiving and Black Friday love

Well, this Thanksgiving was a different one for my family. In past years we have either visited our home town, or had our self made family over for delicious food. Since we have only been in our new home for a few months, we had no friends to come over. And since my break from college is all of 2 days, there wasn’t enough time to trek to GA.

Instead of causing massive amounts of mess and stress, we ate out. Go ahead, shun me. My theory is, the restaurant workers will be there regardless, and if they don’t have customers, then they don’t get paid.
It is not my fault if you have to work on thanksgiving. It just isn’t. I have no control over when the stores and restaurants are open, or who they schedule.
The world is not against you if you have to work on thanksgiving.
Grow up. My father has spent tons of years working on Thanksgiving, because he is a trucker. Nurses, policemen and women, firefighters, EMT and military all work on thanksgiving, and they aren’t bitching about it. If you don’t want to work on holidays, get a different job.

I’m out shopping. Yep. And i have no shame about my decision. If that makes me an asshole, so be it.


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