Book signings.

There are very few things better to me, than getting a recommendation for a new book/series/author. Book signings, such as the ones that take place in Boonsboro, MD at the Turn the Page bookstore are perfect times for this to happen. You’re surrounded by books (one of my favorite environments), with a multitude of other book lovers. Every person in the building has read different books, and even if they’ve read the same ones as you, they likely have a different take and interpretation on it. And you’re all there with one purpose, to meet the authors, and take home some awesome new reads.

This was the type of night I had on Thursday, November 20th. I saw that Boonsboro was having a “Girl’s Night Out” event, which included a ton of businesses in the town, and an impromptu type author signing. I don’t want to say it was the spur of the moment, because it definitely was not. There was some amazing planning and coordination that took place. But whereas other signings I have attended at the same location were very structured and timed, this one had a relaxed feel (which was helped by the champagne offered all throughout the night). The authors were set up in the downstairs area of the bookstore, as usual, but customers and fans were free to roam through, and converse with the authors a little bit more than you would normally be able to.

While I was there, I got another book signed by Nora Roberts. Nora is one of my all time favorite authors, I’ve been reading her work since way before it was appropriate for me. Now that I live so close to the bookstore that her husband opened (pretty sure that’s how it worked at least, don’t quote me on that), I get to go see her quite a few times a year, and I always come back with at least one more book signed.

I also was able to purchase one book apiece from each of the other authors present. First of all, due to the low traffic (casual theme, remember?), I got to actually talk with all of the authors. They were all so nice, and were able to give me short synopsizes of their books and series. I really enjoyed chatting with each of them, and happily picked out 5 new books to read.

Melissa Foster was really my highlight of the evening though. In addition to finding a new series to be obsessed about (more about that in a minute), she took the time to chat with me about more than her books. She asked about my life, and we commiserated about the military lifestyle. When she asked about what I am in school for, and heard that my goal is to be in publishing, she immediately said that when I graduate I should contact her. It was truly amazing for a complete stranger to take such an interest in my life and my future.

Ok, so about the books. My newest obsessions are with the Bradens. The Bradens are the family that Melissa Foster created for her series. I’ve only read Lovers at Heart, but will be purchasing the next in the series on my nook momentarily. I won’t give too much away, and spoil it for you, but Treat and Max are amazing. I cannot wait to read about the rest of the Braden clan (thankfully, there should be at least 5 other books written!)

The other books I’ve read since Thursday are by Mary Behre. She is writing the Tidewater Series, and I purchased the first book in it, Spirited. Spirited is about a woman that has the gift of seeing ghosts, but really wishes she didn’t. She is on a mission to find her sisters and to stay out of trouble. She really really sucks at staying out of trouble. From the moment I met Julianna, I loved her propensity of getting herself into ridiculous situations. I flew through Spirited in about 4 hours, and bought Guarded on my nook today. I’ve already finished it. Let me just say, that the second book completely lives up to the first, and I cannot wait until the third one comes out.

I still have books to read by Mary Burton, Donna Kauffman, and Erika Robuck. I’ll get to them before Thanksgiving is over. Right now, I need to dive back into the Braden world.

December 6th is the Holiday Event in Boonsboro, MD. The entire town gets into the holiday spirit, and there will be a TON of new authors there for me to meet. I can’t wait. It will be a structured signing, so if you are planning on joining me, get there well before noon to get your ticket inside.

Off I go, into another book. I really don’t understand how people live without reading.


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